Space Ballz 0.47

No game changes...just new art!

Space Ballz 0.46 (fixed to 0.45)

NOTE: There was a bug with the installer for 0.45. Please use 0.46

Considering I have no ability to keep a promise to NOT code for a weekend - here is an updated build of Space Ballz!

  • 5 new levels to show off the potential range
  • Customized spawn % for each level
  • An awesome new background by Mike Balcerzak (thanks again buddy!)
  • Updated instructions (like any of you are reading them)
  • When you have one ball and right click to cash in - you'll drop the ball (like having bad ballz)
Any and all feedback is welcome. Shoot me an email at or leave a comment. "I hate this game and anyone who made it" are totally valid comments.

Space Ballz 0.4!

Many new things await ye to look inside!

  • Sounds! Sounds! Sounds!
  • New art provided by the amazing Mike Balzerzak...I think I spelled that wrong!
  • Spawn odds - when you start a chain for next few waves of turret fire that color will be increase in likely hood of neing shot out - after your chain gets to a certain size it will go back down and become even less likely to spawn then normal
  • One single better balance tutorial level
New things coming up:
  • A redesigned 1st level and 3 new levels
  • Better explanation on game rules
  • Ability to dump a single ball as a "bad ballz" so you can start a new chain

Big Ballz Bouncy Soon

I have a big update coming to the stay tuned!

Space Ballz 0.35

Just put up an updated to 0.3.

  • Delayed the "x/y" score update effect so it happens a little bit after your ballz break and you see how much that was worth.
  • Made sure when you beat the level that the timer text was properly formated (was showing raw seconds remaining).
Thanks for watching :)

Space Ballz 0.3!

Start your weekend right by hitting some ballz into the wallz!

New features are:

  • Vastly increased speed (almost 200% increase) for ship
  • Increased turn response time for ship (when rotating to meet mouse)
  • Default camera is pulled back a littler further for better comfort
  • Timer corrected to display minutes / seconds
  • When you score points (or just try to right click) you will get a text effect that shows your current score and the goal score
  • every 30 seconds a text effect will appear to show you remaining time
  • Make sure to try the second level (hit N if you are lazy)
As always, please hit me up with feedback! I'll be working on a more traditional installer soon!

Have a safe weekend folk'lls!

Space Ballz 0.2!

This new version includes some pretty nice changes:

  • Like the previous version, the balls have been slowed down (about 50% slower)
  • The power of a ball/ship collision has been reduced - you should bounce less
  • Cannons now fire at a random interval between 15-25 seconds. Each time they fire they will find a new random time to fire.
  • There is now a new level (total of 2)
  • The 'N' key can now be used to auto-win a level and skip the next one
  • The HUD has been updated
  • Proper winning/losing conditions have been setup. You have X time to get the Goal amount of points.
  • Force Emitters (the green circles) are in level 2. These will shoot any balls or the ship towards the direction of the arrow on the circle.
So with this new and improved proto, I'm looking for how difficulty of beating the 2 levels and trying to balance the games current mechanics before adding any new ideas.

Thanks again for all the early feedback! Keep it coming!

Space Ballz 0.1

I'll update this post in a bit but there is a new proto up with some improvements!

Who is Space Ballz?

As always we open with a screen shot.

Space Ballz is revamp # 3 on my journey to make a friggin game. I'm feeling pretty good about this design. I've got this obsession with crossing puzzle games with more reflex based games and the so far titled "Space Ballz" is just that.

So here's whats going on: Your goal in every level is to score a set amount of points in a given amount of time (the time part is not implemented yet). To score points, you need to steer your ship into the colored balls being shot around the enviroment. As you collide with balls they are put into a chain behind you. Now you can cash them in for points - simply right click and all the balls will break and you will earn points if they are all the same color. The moment you collect a ball that is not the same color as the ones in your chain all the balls will be tossed back into the enviroment. You need at least 2 balls to score any points but the amount you earn increases drastically with each ball in the chain - so your risk is that you could lose everything while potentially getting a killer chain.

What we've got here is the basics to the game. Once I get the timer part implemented (for the next proto that is task #1) then I'll try to put out a few levels. So for now, focus on the controls and tell me what you think!

Space Ballz!

I'll give more details later, but there is a proto for a new design I'm working on. Its Heavy + Luxor...if that makes ANY sense...