IGDA Showcase!

So I've been making updates to Combo Storm but not really posting about them so allow me to explain.

My buddy Grant Shonkwiller (check his blog out on the right side there) runs the Philly chapter of the IGDA. He's pretty dedicated to the game dev community and he invited me to come show off Combo Storm at the Showcase they were putting on. It was just before this point that I told myself I was not going to work on the game anymore due to personal reasons (it was going from being fun to being stressful). Grant's invitation simply turned my mind around. After talking with Laura about it I decided I was going to do this for me and not really go after seeking approval (though hey who doesn't love that!?). So here are 2 new vids - one of the version I took to the show (which you can download on the right) and the other was a funny reaction from some guys at the showcase. Enjoy!

And here are some pics:

My man Mike Balz plays the game and is being his super supportive self.

The G-schonk comes by again to take on the zombie swarms.

Matt Brenner graces me with his time to take the game on. He got several Combo Storms (10 combos in 10 seconds)...that reminds me..I need achievements!

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by for even a second to glance at the game and thanks to IGDA Philly for putting on a hell of a show!

Proto 0.55

I am going to be putting my game up in the IGDA Philly Showcase this Saturday so I decided to go against my word and do some more work. I'll post more later but check this out in the mean time.