Space Ballz 0.7 - Return of the Profile

A little early programming for the weekend brings gifts of Profiles!

While not giving the user a way to make a profile, the game will now track you best time/chain per level. You need to beat the level to have any of the progress count - I may change that later. Give it a go and see if you can get some big ass chains and have a good weekend!

Space Ballz 0.6 - Behold Drop Shadows

This update isn't a whole lot of new stuff - more just evidence that I am working on the game again!

What we've got here is a couple of new fangled things

  • Drop Shadows! Behold their drop shadow glory!
  • Updated hud with some new data including the level name and place holders for Max Chain and Record set Chain/Time for the current level
  • Fang-dangled new Score particle and Bad Ballz Particle effects (now with Drop Shadows)!
  • Faster ball breaking time so you can get back to doing what you do best - smacking ballz!
  • Pressing spacebar will now dump that 1 ball you have (counts as a bad ballz) - useful when you've grabbed a color that is not appearing at the moment
  • Rounded Tiles! Mikey B has gone above and beyond again. These awesome tiles give what is a harsh tile-y world a smooth hump that is awesome to smack your ballz against.
Thats pretty much it. I'm still working on the profile system but I thought this was fancy so I wanted to share it.

More to keep watching the skees.....I mean skies.

Ending the AFK

Dear Diary, its been so long! How are you!?


Yeah we are not doing that. So I apologize for the intense amount of lateness. Many a thing has held me from posting personal stuff and hobby work stuff. After the last release (0.5) I decided to take a break for a bit to figure out what I needed to do on the game as well just take a small break to not overwork myself on it. I picked up Dragon Age which took me forver to get into (I have never been a fan of Bioware games). After the third restart and with a little advice on a better character build to match my playstyle, I can say with no hesitation that this is truly one the best RPGs I've played in a long time. With most heavy-story based games I need to get through 2 things before I will care about it: The world/theme needs to be somewhat interesting and the game mechanics need to be engaging (in the case of DA, the combat). Once I can get past those two then I will listen to any story you will tell me. I rarely will play a game "just for teh story." Dragon Age got me with the bloody fantasy approach and then hit me with the tactical combat (appealing to the RTS fan in me). At this point I started to absorb the story and characters. When I see how awesome Allistar is in combat and how many times he has saved my party, I will listen to his witty banter for all day. When my dog knocks down a evil rogue who almost backstabbed me, I'll sit through his little cutscene.

So Dragon Age, you got me. Its like being in an awesome television where I hack the limbs from evil doers and lift zombie sieges. Tune in next week where I storm a castle and murder demons.

On a side note, I will begin work on a profile system for Space Ballz that will lead into showing some best times / chains on the HUD. Once that is done I'll tweak some existing levels to make them a little more engaging. Look forward to that demo hopefully by the end of the week.

Lack of work

With Dragon Age and Darksiders being better then expected...I am feeling very lazy. I promise : Profile system soon!

Space Ballz 0.5 in 2010

Note! The installer has changed to a more normal one that will let you pick where you want to install the game. Before installation is over, it will prompt you to install the XNA framework. This is needed for the game to run! You only have to do it once though - you can hit cancel if you know you already have it installed. Please uninstall previous versions through Add/Remove programs in the control panel (the new version will now have an uninstall option in the Start Menu Folder Space Ballz).

So several big changes await all who enter!

  • Brank spanking new HUD - while still not finished Senor Micheal Balzercak has done some damn fine work indeed.
  • New background art including a transparent grid to tie everything together
  • Auto Cash in - when the timer runs out, your chain will automatically be cashed in for points then the game will decide if you win/lose
  • Frenzy Mode - notice the number on the right hand side? Each time you make a match it will go up then slowly tick down. Keep the meter up and get it to 1.0 and the game will enter Frenzy Mode (pictured above). All matches for the next 25 seconds will be worth triple points!
  • Removed breaking chain with only 1 ball (may add back later with a different key press)
So maybe its not a huge set of changes, but I did move some code around for future work. Some changes coming down the road will include Best Time / Chain per level that will be saved using a profile system. You won't be able to create one but there will be a default one to challenge yourself with (creating/removing profiles will come even later down the road).

Once again, thanks to everyone for their tremendous support! You keep playing, I'll keep making!