Slam Bam those Rock'em Sock'em Zombies

Hidy ho everyone. I figured it was about time for something better then "So.." Well almost 2 months has passed since I started my new job at Megatouch. I am more then confident that this was the right move for me. I with a crowd I related to better and professionaly I have not felt better. I've seen Laura every single weekend and just monday we woke up together and went both went to work for the first time and I got to say, it was just damn awesome.

Things have been getting better and better with personal work too. I've decided to switch my game ARZ over into XNA to help speed up certain parts and take advantage of the friendly features it includes. So far, things are going good. I setup my dynamics system and while doing a test stumbled upon a potential new way to control the game. Instead of using turrets, I am gonna try out a scheme where you use phyiscs-based traps to throw enemies into walls. The faster you throw them, the more damage you do. This means enemies come faster and you'll have to click more furiously to fend them off. I know its not a very detailed plan but I think I'm about 2-3 days away from a good demo. I'll try to get it up asap. Need to work on a few more parts!

Until then do the following:

  • See District 9
  • Listen to "Uprising" off of Muse's new Album The Resistance
  • Get outside
  • Pet a kitty