I got a Spaceship

I have no idea if anyone read this blog when I was more active on it but in the end it is really for me. With that in mind I'm happy to say I finally started doing some at hobby game dev work! So why did this take so long? Why did I just stop after working on this stuff so much?

Well in the end it was because I had found a job where I was being challenged constantly and found that trying to do stuff at home was just murdering my brain pan. I decided to not do any more hobby stuff. So that lasted for about 5 years.

Now we are here. Nothing is different at work - well I'm more comfortable and more confident then I was five years ago but it is still a challenge and I love it. What really changed was needing a creative outlet outside of work that was not just playing more games. I wanted something I had full control over (again my situation at work is just fine). I also wanted to challenge myself and after watching Neil Degrasse Tyson perform a lecture here in Austin I was motivated to learn.

The exciting thing about visiting hobby dev with all my professional experience is to approach things in a leaner and meaner way. I want to get the idea of the game across faster then I have done before. I don't want to build the most robust systems (even though the student programmer in me is screaming ROBUST ROBUST). What I need to do is make game. MAKE. GAME. So I spent some time the last two weekends doing just that. Here is a video of what I made!