Fiances, BSP, lua, and Myth

Hello again to anyone who is still reading this. I think in the end, I'm writing this for myself.

So time for some huge news: Laura is moving to Florida! For reasons I won't got fully into here, she has decided to quit her job and focus on Animation Mentor. With this decision, she is also moving down here. I am overly-psyched about this. I miss her so damn much.

Now onto school.

School has been going well. I am in Windows Programming which is our fist introduction to an API and is proving to be a little difficult to remember everything. On the side, I'm still working on my 2d collision project. I've made some progress by linking the pseudo-engine to a lua script so I can change up stuff on the fly. This is a very exciting break through but I now I am having some speed issues with my collision algorhitms. The biggest problem being spatial partioning ie how to divide up the game space so that you know what objects are near you at any given time. I've tried this out before using a massive chained hash table but I am going give a Binary Spatial Partioning (BSP) tree out and see what can be done with it.

So far, I'm fairly into collision detection and physics more then anything else in game programming world. I'm excited about AI, but that class won't be for awhile and I want to sync up my project with the class.

Until next time...