The Accomplish has landed

So I hope everyone is enjoying their final long weekend day (well for this weekend). I'm about to head out to a bbq (which I think many people across the nation are doing the same) but I'd figured I'd stop and spend a few precious moments with you good people of the interweb.

This weekend was pretty good. I got to spend some good time with friends and family. I also got in a good amount of time on my side project that I cannot speak of (not in this venue) - trust me I hate it more then you hate it. Its so annoying. We have a large chunk of the tech done so now I get to work on adding those polish elements and using the tools under the engine to achieve something unique for this project. This is always my favorite part - getting to add those elements that almost immediately get through to the user. If I had my way, this is what I would want my specialty to be in the future.

Alpha Protocol comes out and midnight on Steam and I've already preloaded it. The word is very mixed but going from average to down right awful. I'm going to reserve judgment after I give it a whirl tonight. I hope its somewhat enjoyable - I haven't been a spy in a while...well actually never in terms of games.

Where I be at

I haven't posted in a while so I once again, here is where I be at: May 23rd Edition.

My birthday came this year like a shotgun full of snow and kicked my ass. It had to be the best bday I've ever had in my life - in fact we are changing that right now. It officially WAS the best bday every. The party, the friends, the gifts, and the awesomeness of my wife were just unbeatable. So thanks to everyone who made it just one hell of a day.

On the other side of things I haven't touched my flocking game since the last update. While that somewhat doesn't sit with me right I have been busy working on a project with a friend of mine and its coming along. This first project is sort of a test and if we can pull it off then we should have almost all the tech we need to make something good. The environment is not XNA so things tend to go a bit slower but I've come to the realization my XNA code is a great place to prototype ideas very fast before transferring them to our other code base. Once we get this first thing done, I'll probably start doing that more but sadly I have to keep our project under-wraps which normally I hate to do but that's how it is.

On the game side of things, I've been diving pretty head first into Mass Effect 2. I hated the first one but this one is winning me over. It still was kind of a slow burn but once I got into the flow of the games short side missions and found a class that suited me (go engineer!) I slid into the experience. Right now i'm burning through it while waiting for Alpha Protocol at end of the month.

Other then that, I just saw Stuff and Unstrung in NYC with the wife. Damn that is a good show and if you get a chance to see it, do so - you won't regret it.

War-y Improvements

Hi folk'lls

So I did that last post and didn't really explain it but I figured I'd give you the details now..or at least what details I have.

So Space Ballz has been fun to make. While the game isn't done I felt a desire to do something new. I moved some of the code that ran Ballz around and started work on this new project. So far I know I want it to be a Side-scrolling tower defense game of some kind. I want to have the hordes of enemies driven by 'ground-based flocking' and see what happens. These early protos will be tech demos initially and hopefully grow into something bigger.