Idle Hands make the Devil's Programmer

So I was attempting to put in a new gun before I head home for the holidays. All I did in the end was expose several holes in the weapons/status effect systems in the game. With that in mind I started staring at the code trying to fix them - BAD IDEA. I closed down the solution and told myself "this is what a notebook and time away from the comp are for - solving issues like this." Always need a plan, not just idle hands at the keyboard.

I Turn to You

Forgot to post this update that shows off the improved turning (which was a big problem for the Streakers).

Enter the Streaker

New enemy. Launches row of vomit at you. Very bad. Has problems that cause him to snap and jitter - I'm gonna need to work on those.

The Mouse is in the House

Yo dawg I heard you like mouse support in menus so we put more mouse support in your menus.

Anyone can prove anything with statistics

Got basic versions of the Stats and How To (Tutorial) sections up.

Menus and the women who loved them

I really like a good menu. When you start a game up it is usually the first thing you see and for me its such a deciding factor for how the next 10 minutes will go. With that in mind, I'm taking extra steps to make sure Combo Storm puts its best foot forward when you start it up. So what is presented below is the first couple of steps towards that. I'd like to hear what you think!

Opening the doors to the lab..

Here is something I just started working on

Use the left mouse button to click on the gray square to make the green character move. The red ones will chase you. You can press Q to make them stop and W to start them back up again.

I'll explain more later! I want to try Death Spank before bed!