Balancing Act! Proto 1.31

So this release has some touch ups

  • Increased hit box for ship
  • Increased turn speed for ship
  • Reduced 'patrol' radius for Roving Snatchers
  • Roving Snatchers will not come at you if you gotz no ballz
  • Tuned difficulty for a few existing levels and added a new level to introduce Stationary Snatchers
  • Only 4 levels are included now - the rest are left out until I can test em a bit
Thanks to Laura and Rob for some awesome feedback!

Snatchin on the Move! Proto 1.30!

So time for a new feature! Roving Snatchers are lil guys who guard sections of a level. Get to close and they will chase you while they are in their area. If they get you they will do just what a stationary Snatcher will do and eat your last ball and consume some time. Watch out!

My aim with the Rovers was to prevent you from getting stationary near a cannon. Hit me up with some feedback if you think these guys help round out the Space Ballz mechanics.


I'm downloading this right now (via Amazon's awesome MP3 service)


Buns in the Oven (not that kind of bun)

So there are a few cool things coming up on the horizon for me. I may be getting involved in as much as 2 projects with other people over the netz. As a result, work on Space Ballz may have to slow down a bit but I am going to try and stick on it. I like the game and with the recent changes to the core mechanics I really feel like its coming together. One new feature I started working on this weekend very lightly was a 'Roving Snatcher.' This guy will chase you and do what stationary snatchers do. I need to implement a raycasting through a uniform grid function tonight and then I should be set to show him off - now that I think about it there is a little more involved so maybe tomorrow night. The Roving Snatcher should make the game a bit more exciting seeing as there will be no more safe spots.

On top of that, I need to finish Dragon Age. I am at the ending act and its pretty damn exciting.

A Lesson from a Coyote and Finnegan

So this is a non-side project related all gaming nerd rant. Be warned!

Over this last week I've been getting back into L4D2, more specifically its Survival Mode feature. The new maps in L4d2 provide some pretty amazing set pieces for fights. The biggest feature to all of these maps is encouraging run'n'gun tactics which in several interviews with the designers for L4D2 seemed to be their goal - they were getting tired of players constantly lining up against a wall and basically clicking 'easy.' That wall of bullet tactics was completely valid in L4D - even if it was incredibly boring. L4D2 has made several changes to counter this. Reload times are longer, zombies are slightly harder to kill, spitters can knock the whole team out if they are jammed in a corner, etc. So if this is the case, why do players online believe that taking all the gas tanks, jamming them into a 2x2 room and holding their ground is a good idea? Does this look like a good idea?

No. Its not a good idea. The moment one of you hesitates, you are screwed. Now let look at some sage wisdom from the solid sea monster movie Deep Rising:

"I once saw a guy put a fish in a bottle. He corked it, sealed it tight, and threw it to a baby octopus. Now the octopus, he felt his way all around that bottle. In less than two minutes, he got the cork off, slid inside, and ate the fish. "

Now let me do a L4D2 re-write:

"I once saw a guy put [Survivors] in a bottle. He corked it, sealed it tight, and threw it to [Tank]. Now the [Tank], he felt his way all around that bottle. In less than two minutes, he got the cork off, slid inside, and ate the [Survivors]. "

Good night and good luck.

Percy Jackson

So I just finished the fifth and final (as of now) Percy Jackson book. I had never heard of the series until I saw the teaser for the movie. My initial thoughts were "damn that's a long title." So flash forward to the movies release and some co-worker were going to go see it. I mentioned that I had some passing interest in reading the book, especially cause I was being bogged down with overly 'adult' sci-fi that has lost almost all sense of adventure and fun - instead it would all amount to two men sitting in a room while one adjusts books...slightly to the left. So my friend bummed me the first one and I found it pretty entertaining. For those not in the know, Percy Jackson works almost exactly like Darksiders - you look at it and you think 'this is really cheesy and bad' then you find that you can't stop playing. The series moves an breakneck pace with just enough exposition being mixed with lots of insane action. I find myself wondering why some adventure games don't have a better flow like this.

Anyhoos, I highly recommend it. Put down the book about moving books slightly to the left. Instead read about a kid slashing through hundreds of ancient monsters - cause you know...that pretty fucking cool.


Still so damn good. This shit's like bbq - it's timeless.

Music Mountain! Proto 1.25

Not a slew of new features in this build but enough to warrant + 0.01

  • Brand spanking original new music by Mike Belotti!
  • Brand spanking original new level by Naveen Nattam! Wait! That's me!
  • Updated tutorial to reflect changes to game rules and added a new 'Snatcher' page
  • Removed resources (textures/sounds) that were no longer being used
The new level (nick named 'Typhon') is an attempt to present the user with 2 paths - the tunnel at the top is straight fast shot to the drop off point but forces you to fly past all the cannons. The other path (entrances on the left and right side) has no opposing balls but is filled with snatchers waiting to hit you with a snatch attack. Tell me if you think this idea gets through - or totally falls on its ass.

Snatch Attack! Proto 1.24

Ladies and gents! Step right up to try a new proto that may shock and awe you...or leave you frustrated! You tell me!

  • Core rules changed: If you collide with a ball that doesn't match your chain, you no longer lose the whole chain. Instead only the last ball in the chain is lost but you also lose a bit of time! To sum up, Bad Ballz will no longer cause you to lose whole chain - just 1 ball and time!
  • Snatchers! These floating monster teeth will steal your last ball and some time! Avoid them!
  • One new level to show off the snatchers.
Okay folk'lls I made some big changes to please tell me what you think!

Slanty Shanty! Proto 1.23

Check it people!

  • New slanted tiles, perfect for making rebounding balls even more painful
  • new level showing off slanted madness

The ever chaning ways of the game enthusiast

While I prefer some genre's to others and I do enjoy certain settings more then others, I find that my interests at the moment are constantly cycling as a game player. Here is a good example: I bought Dragon Age in January thirsting for an Tactical RPG - something I hadn't really played in awhile. DA was a great success in my mind and I was seeing the rest of my games fall to the wayside. I became increasingly excited by DA:Awakening that was coming in March. It seemed that this game would just never stop going for me. To top it off, Dawn of War 2's expansion pack was coming at the same time I was going to be overflowing in awesome tactical combat games but what I always fail to predict is that by the release of both expansions, my interest in tactical games was getting lower and lower. So now, even though Dawn of War 2 : Chaos Rising and DA:Awakening just released, I opted to buy Bioshock 2 (downloading right now) to do something a little different. I'm very much craving a fast paced shooter and I know that if I try to keep playing DA and DoW2, I'll just kick em aside for way to long.

Also waiting to get some feedback on Space Ballz before I get back on the horse there. So until then, send all messages to Rapture.

The Hammer! Proto 1.22

This is a small update to a degree:

  • 3 new Chain 5/10/15/X sounds have been added. These were provided by Theo Christensen and with some edits by Mike Belotti. Thanks guys! I'm hoping they can crank out some more sounds/music!
  • A new level (called 'Hammer') which is now second in the rotation. This level shows off a bit more of the potential madness.
  • A small fix to the scaling affecting the HUD when you move the mouse wheel
Enjoy! If you think of ways to make the drop off points more maddening, please SHARE!

Hot Fix! Proto 1.21

There was a nasty little bug in 1.2 that had your ballz auto drop off when the timer ran out. That sort of broke the new mechanic so I just removed it in 1.21.

Rules of the Game! Proto 1.2

Enclosed in the newest release you will find the nature of Ballz in Space (also known as Space Ballz) has been changed. Please give the tutorial a proper look-see!

  • Right Clickin has been disabled - instead you now cash in ballz by running into a big floating D (aka a Drop Off Point). This will require you to dodge other ballz on your way back to a Drop Off Point
Mikey B has pointed out to me that no matter what, you can always park your ship near a cannon, wait for your color, snag it, then right click to win. With the drop off points, you are now forced to fly back to D while dodging un-needed ballz.

Tell me what you think! I'm hoping to keep this in the game - it makes level design MUCH more interesting.

Tighten the graphics, Proto 1.0

This build mostly has clean up issues

  • Updated the last page in the tutorial to reflect the HUD changes
  • Cleaned up the cannon firing sequence so its a bit tighter
  • Added a flashing 'warning' on the cannon that will indicate what color ball the cannon will fire.
  • Removed the "now playing..." screen so you just go straight to the next level
  • Rejiggered levels 1-3 so they spawn more ballz.
Now that I've added my lil polish elements, its time to get back and get those levels just the right kind of jiggy. Once we have a working set, the next modifications will be a main menu, level selection, and stats on each level - rounding out the game experience. Then to ALPHA!

0.99 Fixed


0.99 Broken

I think the download link to Proto 0.99 is busted. I'll fix it tonight!

Keep your HUD on! Proto 0.99

Bless the wife for she puts up with my addiction to work on the ballz filled game! So I can't talk to much right now but I did a total 180 on the hud and redesigned it. Take a look and tell me if you can spot the differences!

Ace of Chain! Proto 0.98

Because I have way to much fun doing it, I added another effect. Whenever you get an increment of 5 on your chain (5,10,15..) you are rewarded with a little flashing text that pops and poops stars all over the damn place. Oh and turn up your speakers and you'll get the title of the post :)

Cause that's the way I like it like it!

Troubled? Let the Tutorial Help! Proto 0.95!

Some kind of bolt has struck my Space Ballz brain and I'm now driven to working on the game again full steam. This update contains the long overdue tutorial slide show. Its simple now but I'm hoping to improve it.

Mike Balz threw down some great points on what makes a good Space Ballz level and I'm going to take his advice to heart and tweak the hell out of some of the existing levels. This build contains a preview of that tweaking with the revised first level (still called "Level 2"). Whats new? MORE BALLZ! Mike made a great point that having a lot of objects to avoid is what makes the game exciting - so while only 1 level has been tweaked in this direction..more will come. MORE BALLZ!