There is water at the bottom of the ocean

I feel with this blog I've been letting the days go by....

Allright so lets play some catchup shall we? After the IGDA showcase I decided to take an extended break and have done very little in the realm of side-projectism. I got some basic code running for a project I'm doing with a friend but even after that I took a break. This previous week was my first man-week in a long time. Don't know what man-week is? That's when your significant other who is exteremly good at keeping you in check leaves for a bit and you go hog-wild. Pretty much at the same time a slew of awesome games came out and pulled me away from working after work. Tomb Raider GoL, Dead Rising 2, Reach, Minecraft - all of these things are ruining Naveen Nattam.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Laura is staying away an extra week but I've decided to seize the day and take back my life from utter slobishness. I am going to sit down tonight and get back into the lab. I have a few specific tasks to work on and hopefully I can keep it to about 2 or so hours so I can still enjoy some gaming with the TV turned all the way up.

Oh another note! I finally decided on a "complete framework" for Combo Storm - what the final product will be like. Basically its going to boil down to Achievements. When you enter the game, you only have one option to enter the arena. The arena that is picked and the enemies that show up will be 'randomly chosen' based on your current stats. On top of that, I want to implement an achievements system that is filled to brim. The way to 'beat' the game is to get em all. I think this will really fit for Combo Storm and finally put the game in context - which is something I seem to leave behind a lot.

Exciting times up ahead. As always stay tuned.