Just takes one time

When you've had a crappy day it really freaking helps to get into a nice random game during a L4D2 finale and just have people sync and make it awesome.

Standing in the helicopter covering my buddy with a grenade launcher while he valiantly runs out to grab our last teammate off the ground is pretty awesome. Oh and I forgot to mention its in during a rock concert. Scratch awesome. That is fucking epic.

Round Screens

Laura had to get some work done this weekend so I sat down and started going through that checklist I made in ColorNote on my phone. First big thing was adding the "game flow" stuff. For now this is a Round Start screen then go to the game and then to a Round Over which goes back to Round Start. I've decided for fun to add make these screens appear as places in the game world. The camera pans to them (and in the case of Round Start) will load the next level. This kind of gives the game a seamless transition - however my design skills are awful and I need to find some things that look cool to make those screens have more impact.

Any ideas?

Bullet Time

I want to spill some beans about the awesome family vacation we took part in last week but I want to gather my thoughts and some pictures.

For now, take solace knowing I just adjusted forces to act over time so they will behave correctly during a bullet time effect that will proc when you get double gas cans! During the trip I was using an awesome Android App called ColorNote to keep a running list of ideas. Next up - having the slow down effect proc when you get a multi-kill and after that - an enemy that spawns more enemies! (and of course some polish).

GooMan! Oh my!

While I'm putting off plenty of time before the next update (prolly not till next week) I wanted to list a few upcoming features that'll be added:

  • GooMan! This annoying bugger carries more health and shoots a long range slime shot that will spawn a venemouse puddle of vomit where it hits. Watch this stuff cause it burns!
  • Gas Can will now drop instead of being 'thrown'
  • New music!
  • Possibly a new map
  • Maybe some improved AI
Stay tuned!

Holy Gas Cans Batman!

Well I posted about it and here it is! Time to rock a little harder with a new and improved ComboStorm prototype!


NOTE: There is no way to respawn. Simply quit and start it back up when you die/win.

Changes include

  • No more energy! All weapons are unlimited
  • All weapons have a button! LMB/RMB/Spacebar
  • Try the new Gas Can power! Throw it then shoot it! Chain 2 together to get the "Let Em Burn!" combo for massive damage.
  • Aimed Shot (the laser tied to RMB) will now hit multiple targets
  • Badassness increased by blaring Motorhead!
Now go git some!


So I got some great feedback from ComboShooters initial unveiling. I think people are going to like this title more then Space Ballz (which I'm not saying is bad but people love to blow stuff up right?).

I'm going to dig in and take some of the initial feedback and make some decent changes:

  • Guns shoot max regardless of where cursor is
  • Energy(Ammo) has been taken out. Instead all weapons have reduced damage but are unlimited and have a small "reload time"
  • Performing combos no longer grants Energy/Ammo (since this has been removed) and will now grant pretty big bonus damage points, The goal is that this be necessary when you get surrounded.
  • All three existing guns (which I may swap one out) are now linked to LMB/RMB/Spacebar
  • the laser gun (2) has less damage but hits multiple enemies
  • Adding a new weapon called Gas Tank that will throw out a non-colliding tank that can be shot later to cause an explosion. Combos can be made by getting 2 cans to explode and hit the same target (also another for shooting explosion affected enemies).
These changes will hopefully be in before the weekend (which I have many a plan for so I need to get this thing out the door asap!).

Stay tuned!