Allo again everyone. Been a while since the last post. I know this. I am aware of this. And that is about that.

Well I've got plenty o' news so I'll just get to it. First off, Laura and I are going to be going on a cruise! My dad won the cruise in a charity auction and is not able to go so Laura and I will be kickin it in april. We are extremely excited as this will be our first major trip with zero objectives besides having a great time. Continuing on, Laura had her 24th Birthday yesterday and from what I've heard, she had a good time and has even more coming.

As for myself, School is going on well. Now in my 4th month down here at Full Sail. Programming 3 is not that hard so far (the class seems to be a bit more of retrospective of the language) while Physics is fairly difficult and complicated to understand. I've been diving pretty hard into physics in my off hours. Right now I'm working on a rather hefty 2d game system that can do collision and several physics effects. Once again, I'll get a demo up as soon as I can (and feel ready). Right now its more a collection of technical demos and not one solid experience.

On another front, my 360 tanked again. I've gotten on MS support and they are sending me a new shipping box. I am really getting tired of this. Every update that comes out breaks my system in twine. What is worse is that it came RIGHT when I got back from break and was about to do xbox live with class mates for the first time. On top of that, the Crackdown demo is coming out tommorow and I'll have to wait to get in on it.

For now, I am quietly obssesed with the world of springs. I'm trying to create a pogo stick effect.